VDarts H3L

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Brand new to the UK market, VDarts H3L electronic dartboard featuring over 20 different games PLUS online global match.

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Product Details

VDarts H3L

Perhaps the most eye-catching home dartboard in the market is the VDarts H3L. Accompanied with the game app you can download on your device, you can choose to play online or offline a wide variety of entertaining games. The VDarts H3L is sure to get you hooked on the sport.

Different from all other home dartboards in the market, the VDarts H3L offers a gaming experience similar to that of the soft dart machines at the comfort of your home. Go online to play with other dart players around the world or invite family and friends for a fun and exciting game!

Smart Technology

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, with the help of our LED target, you’ll be able to enjoy and quickly learn how to play a variety of dart games.

  • Powered by standard 13 amp plug
  • Connect the board via Bluetooth to your phone or tablet and play games using the VDartsGame app
  • Includes 6 soft tip darts and 100 spare tips
  • Stunning LED design
  • 24.41 ” H x 23.23″ W x 2.76″ D
  • Please note the tablet or phone is not included, this is the price for the VDart board only