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The Greatness - SIGNED - SHOT Devon Petersen Steel Tip Darts

Designed in close collaboration with the African Warrior himself, The Greatness is a prestige 90% tungsten missile-shaped barrell enrobed in protective Black Titanium with Gold PCT accents. With a pinpoint mid-rear balance, its tapering, double shark grip nose features added grooves for consistent finger positioning. 
With SHOT's signature Iklwa grip in the mid-section, deeply milled motifs create a circle of spears for superior control and effortless release. Finished with a 4/5 texture shark tail and a push point slightly back from centre, throw The Greatness from anywhere, knowing it will hit its mark.

Product Details
Darts: Set of 3
Weight: Available in 22g, 23g, 24g and 25g
Flights: Devon Petersen Greatness Dart Flight Set - Small Standard - 100 Micron
Shaft: Kai Carbon Shafts with Spring Ring - Inbetween Size
Points: Devon Petersen Steel Tip Point - Laser Engraved - 35mm
Material: 90% Tungsten
Thread: 2BA
Featured Grip: Iklwa Grip, Shark Grip
Grip Level: 4/5
Shape: Missile Shaped
Balance: Rear Weighted
Barrell Coating: Black Titanium, Gold PCT




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